The partnership groups one major industrial groups known for their constant effort on innovation and research, three university laboratories well-known in the fields of CAD, computational mechanics and applied mathematics, the editor of a finite element code for simulation and two active firm in the field of engineering consulting and numerical solution development.

  • ANTECIM: Industrial structural computations, linear and non-linear calculations, multi-physical computations, Activities in various fields.
  • DISTENE: Development and validation of methods of mesh generation, CAD-Simulation links, adaptation of surface and volume meshes.
  • EADS IW: Mechanical and multi-physical simulations of aeronautical structures, definition/identification of behavior laws, CAD-Simulation links, idealization/simplification of 3D models, treatment of heavy numerical mock-up.
  • G-SCOP: CAD-Simulation links, development and validation of methods and algorithms for the preparation of models for structural computations, generation of adapted meshes on free-form surfaces and polyhedral models, assembly modeling for assembly/disassembly operations.
  • LJK: Detecting and modeling intersections between polygonal meshes; geometric modeling; visualization of large scientific datasets
  • LMT Cachan: Structural computation, robust algorithm for the simulation of the behavior of assemblies, uncertainties of the behavior of connections, verification of finite element models (local and global estimator).
  • SAMTECH: Structural computations, reference industrial finite element code: SAMCEF, geometrical idealization, nonlinear computations, multi-physic simulations, Validation and Verification of analysis.