Project leader: S. Guinard (EADS)


The aim of this project is to remove a number of scientific locks on the modelisation and simulation the behavior of assemblies of mechanical structures applied to industrial cases with a large number of fasteners. For such situations much useful information for the simulation are absent from the initial 3D geometry (CAD) which requires a strong intervention by the engineer in the preparation of calculation models. In addition, the assembly problems involve highly non-linear phenomena such as unilateral contact and friction that still ask many open questions on very simple issues. The 3D simulation of an assembly including many fasteners, and thus many contact area, is currently out of reach of industrial design and certification.

This important working program concerns the development of enrichment strategies of geometric model in order to automatically create simplified simulation models. It also covers the construction of automatic 3D local calculation model and their use in the framework of re-analyses around a few local fastenerss. These re-analysis will be subject to verification strategies (local estimation error and remeshing) and will have adapted visualization tools. The strategies and tools developed will be programmed in the tools used or developed by the partners. They will be validated in industrial situations proposed by the partners or developed during the project.

 The project is organized in 5 main tasks: