Université Joseph Fourier

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Current position

Assistant Professor at UJF (Université Joseph Fourier)


Mechanical Engineering, ENSHMG, Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble (2003)

PhD in cotutelle between ETS Montréal / G-SCOP lab (Grenoble INP) (2007)

Research activities

Teacher and Research assistant at Montréal Technical Institute of Québec University during 8 months from 01/2008, he became assistant professor in the Mechanical Department of UJF in September 2008.

The research interests focus on (1) the CAD/FEA link, (2) the computation of geometrical differences between two similar CAD parts, (3) the simulation of assemblies mechanical behaviour in the context of virtual reality simulations.

A strong know-how has been gained in the field of geometric modelling, mesh generation, and computational geometry.

PHD Co-Supervision

2011 (Expected date) • Ke Li - Structuring a CAD model generation process dedicated to shape transformations (J-C. Léon)



Articles in international journals

[1] Foucault, G., Cuillière, J.-C., François, V., Léon, J.-C., et Maranzana, R. (2008).

Adaptation of cad model topology for finite element analysis. Computer Aided Design, Vol. 40, n°2, Février, pp 176-196.


International conferences

[2] Foucault, G., Cuillière, J.-C., François, V., Léon, J.-C., et Maranzana, R. (2007).

An extension of the advancing front method to composite geometry. Proceedings of 16th International Meshing Roundtable, Seattle, Washington, USA.

[3] Foucault, G., Cuillière, J.-C., François, V., Léon, J.-C., et Maranzana, R. (2007).

Towards cad models automatic simplification for finite element analysis. 2nd Word Congress on Design and Modelling of Mechanical System, Monastir, Tunisie.

[4] Foucault, G., Léon, J.-C., Cuillière, J.-C., François, V., et Maranzana, R. (2006). A

topological model for the representation of meshing constraints in the context of finite element analysis. Proceedings of ASME 2006 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences and Computers and Information in Engineering Conference, Philadephia, USA.

[5] Foucault, G., Marin, P.-M., et Léon, J.-C. (2004). Mechanical criteria for the preparation

of finite element models. Proceedings of 13th International Meshing Roundtable.


Book chapters

[6] J-C Léon, P.M. Marin, G. Foucault, Operators and criteria for integrating FEA in the design workflow: Toward a multi-resolution mechanical model, Mathematics in industry vol. 8, Di Bucchianico, Mattheij, Peletier edts, Springer, 2006, pp 616-620.